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Title: Tourist Spots in the District Klungkung
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Tourist Spots in the District  Klungkung There are 8 districts and one municipality in the island of Bali, one of which is the Klun...

Tourist Spots in the District  Klungkung

There are 8 districts and one municipality in the island of Bali, one of which is the Klungkung district, a district that has the smallest area on the island of Bali. The capital of the district named Semarapura Klungkung. The small town is very quiet, congestion-free, no air pollution and friendly residents.

Enga believe Klungkung very friendly people! When you vacation to one of the 15 sites in Klungkung, try asking about the direction of the road to the tourist area of ​​Klungkung, to one of the local communities that readers find in Klungkung. I'm sure you'll get a detailed answer, exceed what the reader wants to ask.

Therefore, in the title I wrote "15 Tourist Attractions in Klungkung Charm of Natural Beauty of East Bali". Eastern Bali's natural beauty which I mean, not only on the natural beauty and attractions, but the beauty of Balinese hospitality form the east, especially the Klungkung.

Most tourists are more familiar attractions of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan travel, from the tourist point of Klungkung. Though Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan included in the region of Klungkung regency, although land separated by oceans.

District in Klungkung district number four, namely:
1. The District of Klungkung.
2. District of Banjarangkan.
3. Dawan sub district.
4. District of Nusa Penida (surrounding areas of the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan).

So what are the 15 attractions in Klungkung attractive to your holiday destination Bali to the east?

List Name 15 Tourist Attractions in Klungkung

In the list of names of 15 attractions in Klungkung, I just write for the tourist attractions are located in three districts, namely districts Klungkung, Dawan sub district, and District Banjarangkan.

Attraction to Nusa Penida, I will write on the pages of other sites. If the reader is interested to know the attractions of Nusa Penida, please click the link below!

Here are 15 sites in Klungkung area attractive as a holiday destination on the island of Bali.

Kerta Gosa & Taman Gili

Attractions Kerta Gosa, sometimes written Kertha Gosa is a barometer of attractions in the city Semarapura.

 There are three main buildings in the attraction Kertha Gosa, namely:
• Bale Kertha Gosa.
• Bale Kambang.
• Medal Agung, Door Megah Klungkung kingdom.

It is a main attraction attractions Kertha Gosa found in Balinese architecture of 17th century buildings.
The uniqueness of Balinese architecture of the 17th century is clearly visible on the building Taman Gili Bale Kambang (buildings that surrounded the pool). Visitors who want to get into the building area Kambang Bale will pass through the bridge made of bricks.

Museum Semarajaya

Blend with the area attractions Kertha Gosa, there is a museum named museum Semarajaya. The location of the museum Semarajaya located in the western part of the building Bale Kambang. You only have to walk about 1 minute from Bale kambang to reach the location of the museum Semarajaya.

Semarajaya museum building was built by the Dutch government, after losing the war Klungkung kingdom bellows. The appeal of the museum visitors can see like, prehistoric objects and weapons used in the war bellows Klungkung. In addition, visitors can also see pictures of the king of Klungkung before the war bellows.

 Monumen Puputan Klungkung

The location of the monument bellows Klungkung was across the street from the attractions Kertha Gosa, and is clearly visible as towering. The height of the monument bellows Klungkung about 28 meters.

Still clearly remember in my memory, process development monuments bellows Klungkung, from the yet to be. Bellows Klungkung Monument inaugurated on 28 April 1992.

Puri Klungkung

Puri Agung Semarapura is the palace of the king of Klungkung today, but better known as the castle Klungkung. Puri Klungkung building relics of the royal era no longer exists, since destroyed by the war bellows Klungkung kingdom against Dutch colonialism. Today, the palace of Klungkung move to the northwest, different locations from Klungkung palace before the Dutch colonial era.

Art Market Semarapura City

The art market not only in Sukawati attractions or hotels in Ubud, but also in Klungkung regency. The location of the art market in Klungkung regency is located in downtown Semarapura, precisely the east side of the parking area attractions Kertha Gosa.

Semarapura art market is well known among tourists who love fabric Endek, and songket Bali. Woven fabrics and woven songket Endek typical Klungkung, still in production with a traditional way of using manpower. So the amount of production of fabrics that can be generated is not much, making the price of woven fabric and songket Klungkung Endek very expensive.

The price of the original fabric Endek Klungkung sold from Rp 200,000 - Rp 500,000 / meter. Price fabric Endek Klungkung pembuataan determined the level of complexity. As for the original Songket cloth Klungkung, even sold about 1 million, there are even more expensive.

Therefore, if you are tourist attractions Klungkung area, do not forget to buy cloth or fabric Songket Endek original craftsmen of Klungkung.

Tample Goa Lawah

The uniqueness of the temple Goa Lawah attraction lies in the area of ​​the temple. In the area of ​​the temple Goa Lawah Klungkung, there is a huge cave and inhabited by thousands of bats can be seen floating and hung on the lip area cave

Desa Kamasan

For those of you who love the traditional Balinese painting better known as Wayang paintings, then Klungkung Kamasan village you must visit. In the village of Kamasan, Klungkung there is a community of citizens who pursue traditional art, especially for painting puppet.

Goa Jepang Klungkung

Attraction Japanese cave Klungkung, a relic of the colonial era history of Japan on the island of Bali. The development objective Goa Japan as a refuge for the Japanese army in the Second World War era. There are 16 caves, 14 caves connected to each other and the two caves, apart from another cave.

Painting Museum Gunarsa

Most museum painting on the island of Bali is located in Ubud Bali attractions. However, Klungkung regency also has a museum of art of the famous painter born in the village of Banda Klungkung. The name of the painter, I Gunarsa.

Inside the museum Gunarsa, there are so many paintings, less than about 250 paintings. In addition to paintings, the museum also a collection Wayang Gunarsa and keris.

Waterfalls Tukad Unda

Unda River Dam has now turned into a tourist attraction known as the waterfall Tukad Unda. Famous attractions Tukad Unda starts from the number bride and groom couples who want to do a photo session with the background prewedding waterfall Tukad Unda.

Waterfall in Tukad Unda comes from river water flow Unda, passes a river dam. So it was not a natural waterfall attractions such as waterfalls Gitgit in Buleleng regency.

Unda River Dam is a place of my favorite childhood shower. I once drowned in Tukad Unda while still in junior high, because swept the river, although it could ultimately survive.

Bakas Melangit River Klungkung

If you ask where the rafting place in Bali, one of which is on the river Melangit Klungkung. A provider's rafting on the river rafting Melangit called Bakas Levi.

Taman Sari Tample Klungkung

Attractions temple Taman Sari Klungkung address as being in Banjar Sengguan, District Klungkung, Klungkung. Pura Taman Sari as a tourist attraction, for now there has been a lot of tourist visits. Though the temple is very beautiful and has its own uniqueness as Taman Ayun temple in Tabanan.

Tourist attraction Taman Sari Klungkung temple located on temple building (Meru with 11 levels) and Meru is surrounded by a pool of water.

Bukit Belong Gunaksa

From a list of 15 attractions in Klungkung in these pages, which were hits among teenagers Klungkung is a hill in the village Gunaksa Belong. Cause hits Belong hill became hangout of young people, because there is a wide road impassable car though running uphill.

With the availability of this wide road access, making many young people interested in visiting the hill Belong. The appeal lies in the sights Belong hill paddy field area that can be seen from the top of the hill.

Kusamba Beach

Klungkung has many beaches and most of the black sand beach, except on the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Beaches in Klungkung areas such as:
• Kusamba Beach.
• Batu Lepang Beach.
• Watu Klotok.

But on page 15 attractions in Klungkung, I just write Kusamba beach. The reason, because of the beach Kusamba, one of access to sea transportation using traditional boat, to the island of Nusa Penida.
Although Kusamba have black sand beach, but the beach uniqueness Kusamba visible from the beach conditions still look natural and there was activity in the area of ​​coastal salt farmers Kusamba.

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