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Title: Places of Interest in Jembrana Most Famous and Beautiful
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Places of Interest in Jembrana Most Famous and Beautiful List of 10 attractions in Jembrana most famous and beautiful. Jem...

Places of Interest in Jembrana Most Famous and Beautiful

List of 10 attractions in Jembrana most famous and beautiful. Jembarna is one district that a lot of attractions in Bali that are in unjung west of the island of Bali, Indonesia. State capital in making Jembrana has a variety of natural beauty that are not less than other districts in Bali. Jembrana regency had limits to the east side of Tabanan regency, Buleleng in the north, the Bali Strait and the Indian Ocean in the south

Perancak Beach

Tourist attractions in Jembrana is the most beautiful first Perancak Beach. This beach is a tourist attraction in 
Jembrana which is currently used as a place to paddle the canoe race. Traditional canoe race event is usually 
done with coupled with the anniversary of the State of Indonesia. On the beach there is a place for the 
preservation Perancak sea turtles are often referred to as "Kurma Asih", because it is based on Turkish 
Perancak very suitable for bertelornya turtle which is endangered. From various sources, there were local 
and foreign tourists visit the beach to Perancak reached 2,684 people per year.

Rambut Siwi Beach

Turkish Hair Siwi is located in the Village District of Mendoyo is Yehembang tourist destinations in Jembrana 
most famous. At the beach there were reportedly sacred temple called Pura Hair Siwi GCC. People who 
usually come to worship in the temple will automatically visit and enjoy the beauty of the Rambut Siwi beach. 
According to sources, there were 3,108 tourists or visitors who visit the nautical tourism per year.

Dams Palasari

Tourist attractions in Jembrana, Bali's famous and most beautiful next Palasari Dam. Dam is located in the hamlet Palasari, Ekasari Village, District Melaya. Nature tourism has become as a beautiful attraction with a background of large protected forest, the tube cool and shady. Noted stidaknya there are 3,467 visitors and tourists who visit the tourist destinations in Jembrana annually

Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach Medewi located in the Village, District Pekutatan is a beach that is very suitable for surfing
because the waves are just right for the sport. The most beautiful beach in Bali have had a pretty good waves 
to be an arena metal bersurfing ria by visitors, so that not infrequently every year there are about 3,805 
visitors who visited the place of the Jembrana destinations.

Pekutatan Beach

One very famous beach in Bali, even in the ears among the foreign tourists and domestic that Pekutatan Beach. The beach in Jembrana is preferable foreign tourists very impressed with sunset views. On the beach Pekutatan built a magnificent monument of struggle that can be made in tour history. The monument was built to commemorate the heroes in the fight against the Dutch army. There are countless 3,923 people visiting the Pekutatan Beach became one of the most beautiful sights in Jembrana.

Tourism Village Blimbing Sari

Blimbing Sari is one of the most unique attractions in Jembrana in Sub Melaya. Uniqueness owned by Blimbingsari that is located on the hospitality of its inhabitants. The hospitality of the villagers supported with a variety of beautiful natural conditions sera beautiful. In Blimbing Sari there are a variety of games or educational tour that you can take advantage of solace you, one of which is the outdoor rides. So that not infrequently Blimbing Sari there are at least 4,340 people visited attractions in the Jembrana.

Taman Desa Water Gumbrih

Gumbrih village is the village located in the district of Pekutatan. In the village there is a water tourism water park called Taman Wisata Tirta Lestari. Wisatawir park is a tourist spot in Jembrana very interesting. Due to always combine the beauty of the river flow Pangyangan very quiet with offset by green coconut along the river. So that not infrequently there are at least 8,615 people who are always ready to enjoy the beauty of the tourist destinations in Jembarana this Gumbrih Desa Water Park.

Pengeragoan Beach

Pengeragoan beach is one of the popular tourist spot located in Jembrana located in the Village District of Pekutatan Pengeragoan. The beach is located in the border district of Jembrana regency of Tabanan. At the beach there are other attractions such as the featured attraction Yeh Leh Beach and Statue Makepung which is currently used as an icon of Jembrana.

Baluk Rening Beach

Rening beach which is currently listed as a tourist in Jembrana is located in Banjar Rening, District State. The beach is said to have sea water can cure various chronic diseases such as, Acid murat. So that no one there is at least reach 31 281 people who visit to enjoy the beauty of attractions in Jembrana.

Delod Berawah Beach

Crowned as a tourist in the most popular Jembrana, Turkish delod Berawah currently located administratively delod Berawah village, subdistrict Mendoyo. At the beach with a swimming pool named Tirta Samudra Dlod Brawah which makes it as one of the qualified places to spend your holiday. The number of visits recorded per year were no tourists to the beach delod Berawah reached 42 166 people.

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