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Title: Places of Interest in Bangli
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Places of Interest in Bangli Bangli is a county located in the province of Bali, Indonesia. Bangli Regency is located in t...

Places of Interest in Bangli

Bangli is a county located in the province of Bali, Indonesia. Bangli Regency is located in the northeast city of Denpasar, this cold climate city within 40 kilometers or an hour's drive from Denpasar City. Most of Bangli district is a plateau. There are attractions in Bangli regency which can be visited by tourists, among which waterfall Yellow Hamlet, Mount Batur and Lake Batur, and so forth.

Penglipuran has its own unique arrangement as Angkul-Angkul (gate), there are about 76 major families in this village. Penglipuran there are customs regulations (Awig-Awig) that every man - men may not have the more than one wife (polygamy), if there is a violation then it will isolate people in a place called Coral fuse.

Mount Batur and Lake Batur (Kintamani)
Mount Batur and Lake Batur, an active volcano is still at an altitude of 1,500 
meters above sea level. From Penelokan village visitors can see the beauty of 
Mount & Lake Batur thereunder. In this place there are also precisely in the 
valley Ulundanu Temple Mount Batur.

Waterfalls Dusun Kuning
Waterfall Yellow Hamlet Hamlet is located in the village of Yellow. Waterfall 
Yellow Hamlet has a height of 25 meters above the surface of the river that flows 
toward the South. Panorama waterfall is very beautiful and cool.
Pura Kehen
Pura Kehen Cempaga located in the village, Bangli regency. This temple has a 
unique Banyan tree, reputedly if this banyan tree branches broken then there 
will be disasters that hit residents / villages.

 Trunyan Village
 Trunyan inhabited by Bali Age (native of Bali before the arrival of the Majapahit). Here there are graves are unique and if tourists visiting Trunyan and want to Graves must reach the boats first. The uniqueness of the cemetery is his body was burnt (cremation) or in the grave, but it is only in place in a bamboo cage, the bodies will be destroyed by itself and does not spread foul smell
Toya Bungkah
Toyo Bungkah is one of the attractions in the form of hot water baths are 
believed to cure diseases especially skin diseases. Toyo Bungkah located in the 
village of Batur, Bangli and precisely at the foot of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.

Volcanology Museum Kintamani
Volcanology Museum is located in the Kintamani Penelokan Nature Park which has an area of ​​1.09 hectares. In the museum there is information on volcanoes in Indonesia, especially Mount Batur. Kintamani Volcanology Museum has a function to maintain and protect the natural and cultural resources (preservation and conservation), development of knowledge about the mountains in Indonesia

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